Getting Music Artist Verified on Social Media

  • October 4, 2021
  • msvtgroup
  • 3 min read

How to get verified on social media as a music artist

A lot of music artists get confused about getting verified on social media and how to go about it. Often people tell you in order to get that verification check it’ll take multiple creditable articles. That is false! Of course, that would be a major help to facilitate the process of getting those verification badges but it ain’t mandatory. Where going to explain more in depth below on how an artist can validate and verify their social media.

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Where to get started?

It’s important to understand each platform before looking into getting verified. One thing you want to make sure of is to read the Terms and Conditions to make sure your account doesn’t infringe those now or in the future. Every platform works differently from how their algorithm is set up to what they require as far as how active you need to be. If you don’t have a team to assist you you must study every single one of them.

Do you meet the requirement to get verified?

The second thing to do after reading the Terms and the requirement you need to meet will be to review your profile. You need to go over your account and make sure nothing you posted goes against the Terms and Conditions. Some platforms go against the use of some words that some other platforms may not. Those blacklisted words could also get you shadow banned from the app and website or even have your account terminated. Although words can get you in trouble, some platforms also limit profiles that share objects they deemed inappropriate.

Grind to make a name for yourself!

After verifying that your account doesn’t go against the terms of the platform and following you reviewing it you’ll need to keep grinding. A lot of people think the process to get verified is instant. The harsh reality behind getting verified is the grind you’ll need to put in. Of course, being famous on the platform is not required to verify your profile. Some people are granted with it with only a few hundred followers which are mostly due to a person’s digital footprint either from being famous on another platform or because their branding was set up properly. With all being said, the popularity you have on the platform will not determine if you’ll get verified but it surely doesn’t hurt.

Can I request verification?

Knowing that your account meets the requirement needed for the verification of it. You should look into the platform you want to be verified on if they have a request form. Some apps and websites got forms where you can contact them to request them. Those are not always available or simple to understand as to why we would recommend getting professional’s help. A company like ours can assist you in getting that verification badge on social media leading you with our experience in the field. From getting your account ready, verifying your digital footprint, and growing your exposure, we can make the process way easier for you.

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